Sonya's latest book, Homeschooling for the Rest of Us, was released in January 2010. Each year, thousands of families join the ranks of those who teach their children at home.  Unfortunately, many of the materials available are either out of date or set unrealistic expectations.  It's not easy to keep a perfectly clean house, make sure dinner is on the table when your husband comes home from work, and meanwhile teach your children so well that they win the local spelling bee and first place in the science fair. 


It's time to get REAL.  Sonya provides encouragement and expert advice, but she doesn't presume to have all the answers.  Instead of sharing all her own suggestions, she interviewed hundreds of families and used the best quotes in the book.  Whether you use a strict schedule or none at all, an eclectic method or textbooks, have one child or twelve, the book has something for everyone.


Some experts focus on telling you what to do or what not to do.  Some are called to encourage homeschoolers in their marriages or with home businesses.  Sonya's goal is to ensure that homeschool families - moms in particular - aren't bogged down or discouraged by advice that makes it seem like if things are going wrong, YOU must be doing something wrong.  That's not necessarily true.  The Lord has a different path for each of us.in regards to our homeschool methods, the curriculum we use, even the number of children we have.  Sonya simply helps you find the path that works best for your family. 







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